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>> i'm dana king. 200 feet. a jump no one survives but today a high school student plunged off the golden gate bridge then surfers helped him to shore. juliette goodrich is there with what appears to be a stunt from a field trip. >> reporter: dana, even rescuers say it is amazing that he survived. this high school student is in the hospital and is alive. the rescuers said he jumped for kicks and his classmates were cheering him on the entire time. >> i was shook up. shaken a little bit and shook up for -- until i saw that he was alive. >> reporter: this surfer witnessed a 17-year-old jumping 280 feet off the golden gate bridge by the south tower and survived. after the jump the teenager lived to tell him he was doing a stunt. >> looked like he was trying to make it. like he wasn't trying to hurt
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himself or anything. >> reporter: surfers and firefighters helped rescue the high school student and say his face was a little bruised and dazed. >> we were able to lower a rope to bring the victim up onto the land and he was transported to san francisco general hospital. >> what was his condition when you rescued him? >> he was conscious and alert and he was moving all his body parts. >> reporter: the student was on a field trip with his classmates when he jumped off the bridge mid-morning. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> no. >> reporter: onlookers couldn't believe that he survived. >> you told me a 17 year old jumped off the bridge then said he survived and i can't believe this. i can't believe this. i want to say don't anybody else try this because you will not survive with just a bruised face. >> reporter: now, the surfer, he is the one that rescued this high school student. he tells us the student came
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within feet of him. so this surfer is actually lucky to be alive. we just spoke with him. here is what he had to say. >> one of the first things i asked him was what prompted you to do this and he said he did it for kicks. so what have things become to get approval now a days for a 16 year old in high school to be liked, to be loved by their classmates. they have to jump off the bridge? >> reporter: we just learned this high school student actually just started attending windsor high school. he was an honor role student at another school and we are told he made it a hobby to jump off bridges. >> the kids are him had to be terrified. i know we are reporting they were cheering him on, but still, they didn't know if he was going to make it when he hit the water? >> absolutely. in fact, one of our reporters,
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joe vazquez talked to the superintendent at windsor high school and some of the students were telling him don't jump. there are mixed reactions whether they were cheering him on or saying don't do it. all of those students have now been bused back to windsor and they are going through counseling as we speak. >> thank you. juliette goodrich at the golden gate bridge. >> for the record it is our policy not to report on suicide jumps at the golden gate bridge and as you know it is a fairly regular occurrence but to put what happened today into some kind of perspective we can tell you that prior to today there have already been seven jumpers so far this year. and not a single one of them survived. he was a hard working man paying to send his brothers to college and tonight police say he was an innocent victim shot dead during a botched robbery. linda yee on how the man's girlfriend describes the events leading up to that shooting.
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linda? >> reporter: hi, there. they were terrified when all of this happened. behind me you see memorial has been set up for the victim of that deadly robbery. police are telling me tonight that robberies and burglaries are a huge problem here in oakland. 477 cases so far this year. that is an average of eight a day. but nobody believes that these ever end up so deadly. showing how two men surrounded them and flashed the gun. >> he had a big gun. he tell me don't move, stay there, don't move. >> so they put a gun against you and said don't move. >> yes. and then they asked me, you have money? i take out my wallet, i have money i give to him. only $80. >> reporter: they heard the suspect speaking spanish to her boyfriend frightened she ran off to get help then heard a loud bang. >> heard the gun shooting. but i screaming. i said i need help.
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i need help. >> reporter: a passerby tried to help but it was too late. >> he comes to me. >> reporter: 33-year-old marco mendosa died. seven more homicides this year in oakland than last year this time. they think the suspect opened fire when they tried to steal the car. >> they couldn't open the door. maybe they got mad and shoot him. >> reporter: authorities are looking at video from a nearby camera that may have captured the crime. police say he was an innocent victim who did not resist the suspects. a relative said camil worked seven days a week at two jobs so he could send money to his family back in mexico. >> he paid for the brothers to be in university and paying for his mom and dad to live in mexico too. so now nobody is going to do that. >> reporter: and camil was about to start his own family
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here. >> yes. we planned to marry and we buy the house. >> reporter: tonight police say they are following leads and they are talking to witnesses and tonight, ken, there is a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter. >> let's hope somebody can help us out. linda yee, thank you for that. it is not a warning you expect to get living here in the bay area. families in one neighborhood are being told that their water is not safe to drink. this after a cbs5 investigation revealed what's in it. and as robert lyles shows us, the alameda county d.a. watched our story and has now opened an investigation against the landlord. >> that's off the chart. >> reporter: in 30 years of fighting for tenants rights this attorney has rarely seen anything like that. >> i could only think of a couple cases where the district attorney's office has ever
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gotten involved involving a landlord's actions towards his tenants. >> reporter: but in hayward. >> it illustrates the gravity of what this man did. >> reporter: he is talking about landlord richard thomas. >> i'm going to ask you to leave at this point. >> reporter: we found him at his offices in oakland. >> we have to say goodbye. >> reporter: he didn't want to talk on camera about what we found in the water. >> more grit and sand. >> it was yellow. it had a very overwhelm smell of chlorox. >> reporter: a well that had no chlorination testimony but bleach was poured into the corroded pipe opening. we sent water samples from two of the houses to a professional lab and one tested positive for bacteria. >> this guy literally was
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poisoning them by not telling them that they weren't hooked up to the municipal water supply. >> reporter: what's more, the tenants were in the dark. >> i had no idea. >> reporter: the lease made no mention of well water at all. eventually the company was too afraid to appear on camera. >> i was worried about getting evicted. >> reporter: that changed after they saw our initial report and the positive test results. >> i'm very excited about it. >> reporter: because they had been drinking and bathing in the tainted water for three years. >> a lot of times there was a lot of sand in the bottom of the water. the water was brown. that's what is here to drink. you know, that is what is here to bathe in. so that's what we did. >> reporter: each complained of chronic stomach pain, hair loss and more. >> my eyes are always blury, always stinging all the time. all our eyes were always sting. >> and my skin peeling in the palm of my hands. >> reporter: the possibility that these illnesses are coming from the tap leaves this couple
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sick with worry. >> you would probably be -- when you're at home you're safe. you are in danger, your kids, your health and there is nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: but after cbs5's investigation, the county is now doing something about it. in fact, alameda county environmental health issued this rare notice to boil the tap water before using. but it brings little comfort to tenants still under lease to thomas. >> you are just another person living somewhere paying rent in one of my places and i really don't give a crap about you. >> reporter: and with more than 200 previous lawsuits involving thomas the attorney believes this is a landlord who fights compliance with the law. so... >> this should go to the d.a. >> reporter: robert lyles, cbs5. >> previously the city of hayward had taken no action but as of today the city tells cbs5
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by letter both fecal and e. coli was found in the water. the landlord should supply bottled water and starting tomorrow the city will finally richard thomas and his wife victoria every day until the water tests clean. pg&e customers may get the option to reject the controversial smart meter program after all. the president of the state's public utilities commission says that he will ask the utility to set up an opt out option for customers who have concerns about potential health effects. he says they should have the option at a, quote, "reasonable cost." advocacy groups and customers have complained about radiation exposure from smart meters. pg&e says the devices are safe. i'm simon perez live in san francisco with an update on the stolen lamborghini. would you believe it may have happened before.
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i use my debit card for most of my purchases. so that would be very hurtful. >> you may soon have limited access to your own money. the new proposal from big banking that might have you thinking about checking out. a little puddling of rain across the bay area today. now the day this weekend you should expect the next rain drop. the pinpoint forecast still straight ahead. here is a million dollar question. is that art? i'm mike sugerman. we will find out coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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corner, there will be a four-story sculpture that some say lo a so what is san francisco going to look like in a few years. in one corner there will be a four-story sculpture that some say looks a bit like a transformer. the million dollar project was approved today and guess who is
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going to pay for it? mike sugerman is here to explain. mike? >> reporter: ken, commuters coming to the new transbay terminal in the next several years will be greeted by a 40- foot cement robot. made out of this stuff. and the million dollar question is, really? out of the rubble comes art. >> i think it is terrific. i think it is gutsy, bold, original. vigorous, robust. impressive. i have never seen anything like it before. >> reporter: this is just a 4- foot model. gushing over the planned 41- foot tim hawkins statute which was approved today greeting commuters when the terminal opens in 2017 made from pieces of the old one. >> what were you thinking when you came up with that? >> seeing images of these huge pieces of concrete from demolition sites and always been kind of interested in
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using them as building materials, recycling them somehow. >> reporter: the artist's past work includes this teddy bear currently living at uc san diego. >> just to give you an idea of the scale. this is the arm. so that thing standing will be the hip. and this, the chest. >> isn't that going to scare the hell out of people walking by. >> i don't think so. i think they will be fascinated. >> reporter: hopefully more than the infamous big foot which was run out of town in the 1990s. public art is always tricky. >> everybody going to wonder what is next. >> i like to see it. oh, wow. >> i like it. >> i like it. >> we found generally positive reaction to the pieces until we told people the price. 1.1 million with the artist
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getting $200,000. >> i think that's a lot of money. >> is it worth it? >> who is going to pay it? >> you are? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: the best expenditure of money these days? >> i would make the argument about art in public schools and should web spending money on art in public schools. >> art isn't at a gallery, it is in the city for a people to connect with. >> reporter: there will be four other pieces. total budget is $4 million for public art. ken, it is a hard sell. public art always starts out a little iffy. either you get used to it or you don't. >> cement transformer. i think we will get used to it. we will see. >> oh, yes, you will. you'll be paying for it too. mike sugerman in san francisco. thanks, mike. >> you will like that and you
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will like this weather. >> do you think? >> it is really funny because some people really do like the rain. they embrace it and other people really enjoy sunshine. so it is a little bit of both. i think it will make everybody happy, dana. you nailed it there. >> this is our live cbs5 weather camera looking out toward the bay waters where today we experienced 58 degrees. 68 degrees in gilroy. quarter inch of rain at tops spilled out of the clouds. otherwise, just a few traces anywhere just south of the golden gate bridge. a little bit of drizzle still to be noted with temperatures in the low 60s. we will have a layer of clouds and also some patchy fog developing. lows dropping between 38 degrees in santa rosa to the mid-40s across the central bay and also the santa clara valley. so upstream we are watching yet another area of low pressure. this one right here that will throw a few clouds in our forecast tomorrow. so we will refer to it as a
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partly cloudy friday. this area of low pressure is causing quite a bit of confusion into our weekend forecast. i'll explain that as we get to that seven-day forecast. partly cloudy friday. west winds. 5 to 15 miles per hour. numbers into the 50s. and low 60s. outside number 64 towards rio vista. also right around fairfield. 67 degrees, however, towards collister. it will be cloudy on friday with a slight chance of a shower. a chance of a lingering shower on monday then dana, it does remain unsettled from tuesday all the way through thursday. we will describe that in ernst -- earnest. >> thank you,roberta. word that the same thing has happened before at the very same exotic car dealership. that's in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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about the celebereity-owned lamnborghini stolen this week, in a hollywood- style heist from a we have confirmed sightings. that lamborghini stolen this week in a hollywood style heist from a san francisco dealership spotted cruising around the north bay. and now we have learned it is not the first theft of its kind. simon perez found one man whose car was stolen from the same place. >> reporter: it is quite obvious because that car has been seen in a lot of very public places whoever took it is not too bashful. whoever took it may have done it before at this very same dealership. >> this is on february 14th. >> reporter: in february 2005 john marks received this phone call. >> i'm down in the western edition and your car is on the street with the windows down and it is raining and my car is
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supposed to be at the dealership. >> reporter: this dealership, the british motor cars lamborghini bentley shop in san francisco. >> the mechanic was telling me the story how they thought the car had been stolen and they would leave the keys of all the cars on the roof so anybody could wander up there. >> reporter: the thief that take his jaguar could have taken the yellow lamborghini on tuesday. the mosus operandi is similar. the thief drove the car right out of the dealership after entering through the roof. >> he got into my car and drove it right out the front door and -- >> in the middle of the day. >> in the middle of the day. >> reporter: after he recovered his jag a mechanic told him -- >> you won't believe what happened after your car got stolen. talking to the mechanic when the repair was finished he had said, well you know what, a guy
6:23 pm
came and stole the yellow lamborghini from the roof. the same thing because they hadn't changed their policy on the keys. and this was a couple weeks later. >> reporter: he recalls that lamborghini was found in the precido abandoned just as his jag was found in san francisco abandoned. >> sounds like the same guy in a way just toying with everybody and driving through town and he seems to have the luxury of time and care free attitude about it. >> reporter: cameras on the golden gate bridge have spotted the lamborghini so have cameras in tiburon. san francisco police department records are not searchable by stolen lamborghinis so they couldn't confirm if it was the second one stolen from the dealership or not. >> we could probably end this if the owner of that fancy car wants to put a reward out for its safe return. >> yes, who knows. it is quite likely it may end up parked some place just like
6:24 pm
the other ones were. >> all right, simon perez, thank you. >> reporter: if you head just a few blocks north from the scene of the lamborghini heist you will see some beauties on the street. this is the question. tonight's good question. >> reporter: there was a time when san francisco's vanes avenue was lined with auto showrooms but none looked like this. >> see, the gearshift comes right out of the dashboard because the floor is flat. of course it is front wheel drive. >> reporter: richard stevens has a collection of beautiful cars whose butte can stun the senses. and that's exactly why they are here. >> the students don't know what a 1930 car is. and so we started collecting cars of superior design so the
6:25 pm
students could have a frame of reference. >> reporter: stevens, whose father founded san francisco's academy of art university in 1929, needed a way to show today's automotive design students what real cars used to look like. >> they draw these cars. much like a fashion major might draw a model. so they draw from this inspiration because there is this great integrity of design in these automobiles. >> reporter: stevens has collected about 150 of these automobiles and displays them in two buildings. rolls, mercedes, all classics that are helping a new generation learn classic design. >> i want them to be prepared to be elegant. i want them to be prepared to be honest. to tell the truth. design the truth. >> reporter: go to click on "connect" to send me your good questions.
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it is the latest proposal from one of america's biggest banks. >> and it has a lot of people saying something like this. >> it is our money. they use that money to make money. >> yes, they do. and now they want to limit your access to your money. why you may find yourself swiping your debit card several times just for one purchase. i'm len ramirez in san jose. wait until you hear what the mayor of san jose wants to put on ebay. find out why some people think it is an idea that is bound to go up in smoke. and it is about that time of year. why some californians may find themselves paying backtaxes on their pot.
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trial. this probably won't come as a big shock to you. a judge has ordered robert rizo to stand trial. the former bell city manager will be tried on 50 counts of miss appropriation of public funds, conflict of interest and false records. he is the ringleader that took
6:30 pm
over 5.5 million from the town. putting strict limits on how customers use their debit cards. julie watts on our consumerwatch explains it is really a fight over bank fees. >> reporter: the merchant pays what's known as an interchange fee to the bank but if congress okays new rules limiting these fees the banks will lose big and word leaked today that chase might be fighting back by limiting how much you can spend. >> reporter: denial if you try to spend more than $50 might come as a surprise. >> that's interesting. may not seem fair at all. >> reporter: it may not seem fair but leaked information from jpmorgan chase they are considering capping all debit card purchases of 50 or $100. >> i use my debit card for most of my purchases so that would be very hurtful. >> reporter: the move followed last year's wall street reform which among other things reduces the debit card fee that
6:31 pm
banks get from retailers from 33 cents a swipe to 4 cents adding up to billions in losses to banks which could limit your spending. >> it is our money. they use that money to make money. >> reporter: critics saying in an effort to make more money and recoup losses banks want to force you to make multiple transactions so they can collect fees. >> all debit card transactions at 50 to $100. it is blackmail. >> reporter: consumer action saying this is the way to get consumers involved because what has happened saying the spending cap is a way for the banks to put pressure on the feds to ease up on new regulations but judging by consumer reaction the bank's move could backfire. >> and they need it to be regulated and if they respond to that by increasing the burden on consumers i think that would be really unfair and contrary to what they are
6:32 pm
trying to do with that legislation. >> reporter: the average family spends about $122 a week at the grocery store. so they would have to make multiple transactions or finds another way to play and chase wouldn't comment today but it is estimated banks would lose up to $38 billion if the swipe fees are cut and without creative alternatives they are likely to pass that on to consumers through higher fees or reduce services. >> there will be a bank that will pop up and say no food. >> a lot of people i talked to they say forget the big banks i'm going to a credit union. >> that's what will happen. >> all right, julie, thank you. well, how much are pot club licenses worth? that's what the mayor of san jose wants to find out. and as len ramirez explains he is doing it in true silicon valley fashion. len? >> reporter: that's right, dana. san jose is going through two big problems right now. the big budget deficit and also an exploding medical marijuana situation. well the mayor of san jose thinks he can solve both
6:33 pm
problems with one solution. >> reporter: people go on ebay to buy and sell almost everything under the sun but what chuck reed proposed selling has some people scratching their heads. >> it wasn't a joke. i was serious. i think there is money to be made for the people of san jose. >> reporter: this is what he wants to sell. not the pot itself but the city licenses that would make it legal to sell medical marijuana. >> they have some value. the best place to find the value of something is on ebay. rather than us picking a price and saying you have to pay x dollars we put it out there. >> my first thought was maybe the mayor was joking. >> reporter: dave hodge runs the cannabis buyer's collective. the decision came after there
6:34 pm
is a plan to reduce the number of marijuana clubs from 100 to 10. >> there is great value on these. there is no reason why we shouldn't price it accordingly. >> reporter: but hodgs says putting licenses up for bid is inviting trouble. >> could easily be somebody working for a cartel or -- who knows what type of bad person just the highest bidders can bring. >> reporter: reed said bidders would have to be prescreened and prequalified but one medical marijuana user says the mayor's plan should go up in smoke. >> they continue seeing this as a joke that we are just a bunch of pot heads and stoners sitting around getting high. that's ridiculous. and when they take it to the highest bidders on ebay, take the pharmaceutical companies to ebay. >> reporter: during our interview i asked the mayor if he had a chance to contact ebay to find out whether or not that was allowed. he said he did not. well, i had a few minutes this afternoon, dana, to check with
6:35 pm
ebay and i was steered to their website where they do have a prohibition and i'm holding it here on my phone that says no government documents, ids and licenses. i think this is meant for people re-selling like a driver's licence. but the representative from ebay told me no, they are not allowed to do that. so the mayor still may have to put this up for bid some way but it is probably not going to go onto ebay. >> len ramirez in san jose, thank you very much. cash strapped california warrants marijuana shops to pay back taxes. the berkeley patient's group has handled millions of dollars in transactions a year but until 2007 it didn't charge sales tax nor did it pay sales tax to the state. it said marijuana is medicine and therefore isn't taxable. state officials disagreed and want the facility to pay 6 million in back taxes and interest on $51 million in pot sales. a boost in revenue from
6:36 pm
outside the san jose police department is coming to the rescue of an iconic crime fighting tool. mounted police. mark sayre is in san jose with how the expensive horse patrols are being saved from heading out to pasture. >> reporter: it was supposed to go away at the end of the city's fiscal year june 30th but under a deal between a private group and the city there is going to be hope for these horses for just a little bit longer. >> reporter: the san jose mounted unit currently consists of one sergeant and one police officer but the horses themselves cost about $70,000 each quarter for feed, boarding, a caretaker and vetrinary expenses so the public and private businesses are now stepping in to help keep the mounted patrol on the streets. >> to celebrate our first payment of $70,000 to keep the horse mountie in tact. >> reporter: with a group
6:37 pm
called friends of the san jose mounted unit is actively raising money to try to keep the unit from riding into the sunset. >> as you know horse patrol in san jose has been here for 25 years and we like to see it stay for another 25 years. >> reporter: there are currently eight horses in the mounted unit which are used regularly for patrols mainly in the downtown area and at special events and while officers say horses are a very valuable tool it is also about more than just fighting crime. >> it is a door opener. people want to come and pet your horse. >> reporter: the unit supervisor. >> no one wants to pet a police car but they want to ask and talk about your horse. it is a physical interaction with the police. >> reporter: at a time when the city of san jose is facing a projected $110 million deficit and as many as 350 officers could be cut from the force, the department is looking at every avenue to save money but the president of the police officer's association says the fact that private dollars have been raised to save the mounted patrol sends a clear message.
6:38 pm
>> as we continue to lose resources it is nice to see that our citizens care about us and do not want to see their police department gutted. >> reporter: and in order for those horses to remain on patrol until the end of the year the private fund-raising group has until the ends of june to send another $70,000 check and say they are well on their way to getting to their goal. looking to cut gasoline costs? it is a decision that a lot of us are making. >> i'm going to relax and enjoy the view. >> reporter: more and more commuters hopping on public transportation. but there is just one problem. and now showing at the san francisco zoo. this little girl. ken, usually it is a golfer who takes the tour by storm. today it was the storm that took the golfers. wait until you see what flew into a lake. coming up. another eight cents nationwide from last week. blame the,,,,
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in t as gasoline prices still on the rise up another 8 cents nationwide from the last week. blame the crisis on the middle east. as this reporter tells us there is also a rise though in the number of fed-up drivers leaving their cars at home and hitting the rails. >> you know what, i can't wait to get on the train today. >> reporter: not just because eddie jones will get to bypass traffic on his way to los angeles. >> and i get to meditate and i don't have to pay for gas. >> reporter: jones is part of a sudden trend in train ridership. commuters trading wheels for rails at a record breaking rate. >> the spike in gas prices now has started to take our ridership up to that next level. >> reporter: capital corridor managing director saying the numbers are sky rocketing as quickly as gas prices are. ridership was up 11% in january. 13% in february. that's more than 13,000 more
6:42 pm
riders over last year. but high gas prices have not fueled the big bump in b.a.r.t. ridership. >> it is one of the pieces of the formula and it certainly can be sometimes a driving piece of the formula but if nobody has a job and gas prices are way up well then nobody is going to be on b.a.r.t. >> reporter: but riders are on the capital corridor. they are dealing with a crowding problem that may only get worse. >> but we know in the next two or three years if we even just see 5% increase on an annual basis we are going to be getting into serious crowding conditions on some of our trains. >> reporter: they are hoping to get a slice of the $100 million reward that the federal government just gave to cal- trans for high speed rail. they say that could help them purchase a couple of new cars. they also hope to get money from governor brown's new
6:43 pm
budget. >> reporter: in oakland, cbs5. the dahli lama stepping down as the leader of tibet's government in exile and will remain tibet's spiritual leader saying it is time tibet had an elected leader. >> my desire to dissolve authority has nothing to do with shirking responsibility it is to benefit tibetans in the long run. >> 76-year-old dahli lama believed to be in good health. in the past the dahli lama has said that he would like to live as a simple monk. next week tibetans in exile are expected to elect his replacement. coming up after the break a whole lot of cuteness on display at the san francisco zoo. we do not have a whole lot of rain today. up to about a quarter of an inch. so we have more this weekend and we will pinpoint the day that you will need that umbrella as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,, "kw thspecs, knowhe sin." lalin-ee ct, i kn it'an aaca. lks her loo ys "y lo, it a lma!" cleang t sta likhe wod a ama ain. me hs waing. ♪all 800-eeme
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take a look. a female baby queensland koala. this little "joey" came out of her a cute and cuddley debut at
6:47 pm
the san francisco zoo. a baby that is about seven months old only the size of a fist. so far the baby is nameless. this is the first to be born at the zoo in 11 years. >> bamboo. roll that thing. >> pandas. >> i was fortunate enough to go with "eye on the bay" to australia and these koala do not like to be awake at all. i had to hold one and it bit me. they may look cute but they are really not. they are nasty. >> they are cute creatures like me. live cbs5 weather camera looking outdoors and today highs 58 degrees. 68 degrees in gilroy and it looks like all the rain was
6:48 pm
pretty much confined north of the golden gate bridge up to a quarter of an inch. otherwise, just a few traces in and around the bay area. still a lit bit of lingering drizzle to be noted around the coast side. we will become mostly cloudy overnight with our lows dipping to the mid-40s across the central bay. 39 livermore. pleasanton as well. weak disturbance that passed through the bay area and right on its heels another area of low pressure that will throw clouds. trying to nudge in. we will allude to it as a partly cloudy friday. then out west yet another disturbance that will play some havoc on our weekend but until then, tomorrow, your get away friday mid-60s in throughout the central valley. partly cloudy conditions on the entire northern half of the state. if you're heading to the high sierra always advisable to carry the chains. a few flurries in the saturday night forecast. otherwise, partly cloudy each and every day into the 40s.
6:49 pm
now, tomorrow, daytime high couple degrees below average for this time of the year. in fact, about 4 degrees below normal in san francisco. but should be right around 65 in san jose. low 60s in napa and 62 in santa rosa. west winds to 15. saturday we begin to cloud back up again. there is a slight chance of a far north bay shower as an area of low pressure really takes a nose dive to the north of us but that's about it out of the gulf of alaska. meanwhile on sunday we have a better chance of rain from sonoma county all the way to santa cruz. the bulk of your weekend will be dry until that threat of rain comes. lingering chance of rain shower on monday. remaining unsettled. thomas lockyear we thank you for that beautiful photograph. if you've got plans this weekend take your camera along and send your pictures to us. dana? >> roberta, thank you so much.
6:50 pm
there are still random cases here and there but gadget theft on b.a.r.t. are now more organized. tonight on the cw at 10:00 p.m. and on cbs5 how culprits are covering more ground. the only men's basketball team still playing. i'm dennis o'donnell. i will go one on two with boxing all time biggest promotors next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
cardinal, the cal bears, and the st. mary's gaels...but san jose state??? c' "..." when you think about local college hoops you think about the cal bears and st. mary's gaels. but san jose state? come on. no. really. >> i get no respect from anyone. i called up suicide prevention and they tried to torque it into it. >> george nesman taking on fourth seed ohio. adrian oliver. six three pointers. spartan hitting a season high 13 threes but they trail by 2 at the half. in the second half it is the freshman keith shamburger one of his six threes scoring 28 points. there were 12 lead changes in this game. tied at 68. justin graham knocking the ball
6:54 pm
loose. they get it ahead for two and san jose state is in the lead. later up by 4. stealing the inbound pass and that clenches the game. san jose state is in the semis for the first time in school history. an upset of idaho 74-68. next up top seed utah state tomorrow. very little peace in the pac-10 tournament against uc. gets the bucket with a nice spin move. game high 21. early lead disappears thanks to a 19-4 trojan run. alex stevenson hits the glass. foul. final seconds. dagger. marcus simons connects for three. cal down 8 at the half. jones 15 points. usc eliminates the bears. so folks the only team still
6:55 pm
standing in the bay area, san jose state. in the big east uconn and pit tied at 74. >> walker with it. walker. does it again. uconn wins at the buzzer. >> campbell walker's jump gives them the lead. in the third. torez's first home run of the spring. freddy sanchez with his first home run of the spring. cody ross. the giants with power hour today and madison bumgarner striking out six in four shutout innings as the giants beat the reds 7-0. golf. pga tour taken by storm literally. 50 miles per hour winds took out two gulf towers delaying
6:56 pm
the first round. scuba divers were called there to retrieve a television camera out of one of the lakes. tiger woods played with phil lovell mixon. both trailing hunter mayhem by five strokes. mayhem has the lead at seven under par through 11 holes but play was suspended by darkness. this saturday night in vegas. the wba super world light middleweight title. the fight being co-promoted by legendary promotor. one time fierce rivals are now partners. >> you may hear that. down goes frazier. down goes frazier. >> i miss ali. i miss forman. >> where did it go and why can't you get it back? where did it go? >> joe dimaggio. >> well, that's ridiculous because baseball has more
6:57 pm
revenue and more fans than it has ever had. boxing is not mainstream any more and it is gone. and it has got its niche. it is not main stream so you can't make the comparison. >> time out. a good point. the problem with boxing is that it plays for a relatively small audience. the premium networks. hbo and showtime. our goal is to bring it back to the terrestial at the timeworks like cbs5. >> we need heros. we need to get one of the americans to be a champion. two, three, four americans to be champions then you've got them and they can capture the imagination of the american public. we want the pulse of the people then you can see the difference because we are taking to everybody. america today, the world tomorrow. >> wow. >> don king is trying to explain to me that he was the ambassador to the middle east. i said well we need a new ambassador because it is not in very good shape out there. >> wave the flag.
6:58 pm
>> see you at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: call or click today. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants.
6:59 pm
all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.

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